Dust Collection Plants / Systems

Dust Collection System

The BETH Polska dust collection plants are designed to capture and separate dusts and chips from numerous industrial sectors such as wood-, metal-, and recycling industry as well as in the field of paper, rocks and soils. Due to the modular design the plants can be highly customized to meet various requirements as for instance extraction force, dust concentration and dust quality or it can be adjusted to environmental conditions.

The use of advanced separation technology offers a smooth and continuous operation of the plant.

Functional Description

R&R Beth Filtration functional description dust collection system

1 – Raw gas ductwork
2 – Clean gas ductwork
3 – Cyclone
4 – Filtering separator
5 – Ventilator
6Rotary valve / discharge
7 – Filter feeder with discharge screw
8 – Filter cleaning in the filter head
9 – Steel support structure



The filter unit consists of a variety of bolted steel plates that form the filter housing with the filter feeder. The entering extracted air flow which is inside of the filter is calmed in a large-size raw gas chamber so that coarse particles already become dissolved from the raw gas, before reaching the filter bags. The filter bags are installed in the filter housing and separate the pure and raw gas side. Fine dust removal takes place at the filter bags. The growing filter-cake is cleaned at regular intervals (time- or differential pressure controlled) by pressurized air cleaning process or vibration cleaning. Cleaning units are located in the filter head. The deposited material is collected in the container underneath. Depending on the version, a screw conveyor  or a sliding floor can be installed additionally to transport the material. F

The cleaned air stream which passed the filter bags gets into the clean gas chamber of the filter and can be discharged to the environment or used as needed as return air. The dust collectors (filter and cyclone) are supported by a sturdy steel construction.

Sample Pictures Dust Collector System

Jet Compressed Air Purification

Filter Plate with inserted Filter

support cages and filter-hoses, overlying jet-lances with black Nozzles for compressed air emissions

Raw Gas Filter with Dust loaded Filter Hoses

Filter Feeder with Internal Screw Conveyor NW 400

The deposited material is collected in the container of the filter system and is continuously transported by a screw conveyor to the rotary and discharged without pressure.