Bag filter AMTR 7 as top filter without fan, with weather hood

Unlike AMT 3 and AMT 4 this silo vent filter, with weather hood, comes as a round version, but otherwise similar to AMT 3 and AMT 4.




Functional Description

The »cam« sitting on the motor shaft of the blow-off motor displaces a blow-off cleaning comb, which accommodates the filter bags in its in-between spaces, in quickly oscillating swinging movements.

This produces a kind of »rug beating effect« where the filter bag is inserted. The suction or pressure operation can be resumed after completing this cleaning step.

Dust applies itself to the filter bags from the outside. The blow-off process is only introduced after the suction process is completed, once the crude gas no longer flows through the filtration chamber. The blow-off process takes approx. 20-30 seconds. The integrated fan is put into operation by pressing the »on« button. The next blow-off phase is initiated by pressing the »off« button. After a brief delay, the blow-off motor is under voltage and automatically starts again. The next suction cleaning process starts by pressing the »on« button. Various standard control units are available to regulate the varying control voltages. The filter elements can be installed vertically; the connections for the crude and pure gas are freely selectable. The emitted acoustics in the AMT Matador can be reduced to <75(dB(A)) by mounting a suitable soundproof hood.