BETH® cyclones are high-efficency separators with an optimised high degree of separation and low head loss. They have proven themselves for many centuries in numerous industrial cases of operation. Depending on the application and kind of dust, they are used as exclusive de-dusting or as a pre-separator.

A big selection of different sizes is available; designed as a mono cyclone, for volumes between 560 m³/h and 113,000 m³/h. For reasons of transport or for the use for still higher volumes, the cyclones can also be designed as twin or quadruplet separators.

Depending on the case of operation, BETH® cyclones can be coated with interior wear protection. 

In the case of explosive dusts, BETH® cyclones are built in a modified construction in an explosion-pressure-shock-resistant design. 

Also these separators have proven themselves in many cases of operation, such as during the separation of brown coal, for example.