Paint Fog Extraction Systems & Painting Booths

Paint Fog Extraction Systems & Painting Booths

The final stages of product creation often include paint. While your paint professionals are masters of their trade, the safety of your operation depends on ventilation.

Proper risk management prevents aspiration and explosion hazards, and BETH Polska experts can design customized painting booths and paint fume extraction systems to improve overall safety and promote maximum efficiency.


The exterior coating of paint is the outfit your product is going to wear, and everybody knows: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Increase the safety of your operation and the health of your employees.

Paint Booth

Minimize the danger of explosions and the risk of final treatment using our engineers know-how. We fabricate and deliver

• Complete plant systems for air intake
• Removal in spray booths
• Automated paint shops

BETH Polska specializes in under-floor extraction installations, paint fume extraction walls, drying plants, painting booths and other customized solutions.