Sheet Metal Silos

Sheet Metal Silo; R&R BETH FILTRATION project KLAUSNER LUMBER ONE, Florida

In the timber and timber based products industry it very often involves the installation of a modern dust removal or abatement equipment. We also offer the production of a wood-chip silos.

The silo on the picture at the right side stands on a 45-ton steel supporting construction and has a diameter of about 10 meters. Wood dust and chips are fed via the extraction to the massive storage container. The high support structure allows the trucks driving through to discharge the silo.

In addition, we assemble and deliver a filter on top. This filter is designed for the deposition of dust which e.g. is caused by filling the silo.

Due to the characteristics of the stored material and as a result of the procedure for filling, discharging or loosening the occurrence of explosive atmosphere inside the silos in principle, can not be excluded. Therefore the ATEX Directive must be observed (94/9 / EC).