Sorting Cabins & Process Enclosures

Sorting Cabin

Sorting Cabins

Sorting cabins engineered by BETH Polska are high-tech, cost-effective solutions that can make sorting virtually hassle-free.
We will design your sorting cabin based upon the space you have available, your specifications and practicality. Steel structures, acclimatization and electrotechnology make BETH Polska sorting cabins efficient and compliant with all industry regulations.

Sorting Cabin

We can provide you with a detailed report that includes static calculations and the structural calculations of your sorting cabin upon request.

We provide complete system solutions for separating various material fractions and the conditioning of air in complex production processes.

• Sorting Cabins / Process and Acoustic Enclosures
• Construction design according to customers wishes
• Integral solutions including steel structure, acclimation and electrotechnology
• Technical equipment in line with current regulations (r.g.; TRBA 214)
• Statics calculation and verifiable structural calculations (on request)